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When it comes to security and privacy, just Mullvad VPN

Which VPN is better? When it comes to security and privacy, there are few companies that can hold a candle to Mullvad.


The VPN industry is a large and competitive market. While we don’t subscribe to the notion that bigger is better, there’s no doubt that larger VPN providers have a number of benefits that smaller providers don’t. One of the most significant of these is resources. Many VPN providers have a larger team and more financial resources than smaller providers. This can mean they have access to servers in more countries, they can afford to pay for more servers, pay for more bandwidth, and so on.

This is true even if the larger provider offers less overall value than the smaller provider. It’s not uncommon for the best VPN provider to be the smallest one. This is because these providers have to work harder to gain and maintain their reputation. But with this market being so big, there are still many providers with large teams and generous budgets who don’t offer a good product.

Everyone knows that a decent VPN can help protect your privacy, but there are other unique benefits of using a VPN—like protecting your laptop from theft when you’re travelling and telling cable companies to take their hundred dollar bills and shove them. Oh, yeah, and it’s kind of fun to watch people freak out if you send out a tweet like this:

One thing that’s great about being at the forefront of privacy technology is we get to have fun doing things other VPNs wouldn’t dare try. We don’t just want to be the best VPN in the world—we want to change the way people think about online privacy (and bring back free speech). To do that, we need to stir up some controversy every now and then. So without further ado, let’s take a look at our competitors and see how they measure up.


VPN reviews

mullvad vpn vs Kepard

mullvad vpn vs Kepard

has a Kepard VPN and the Mullvad VPN is a great competitor, however, do keep in mind that not all VPN companies are created equal. Kepard was founded in 1994 in Denmark, and Mullvad was founded in 2011 in Sweden. If you want transparency and you want to know your privacy is being protected properly, then we recommend Mullvad over Kepard.

Kepard was founded in 1994 in Denmark, and Mullvad was founded in 2011 in Sweden. If you want transparency and you want to know your privacy is being protected properly, then we recommend Mullvad over Kepard. Mullvad has never received a single official warning from the Government of Denmark. It is our recommendation that you choose the Mullvad VPN over the Kepard VPN because there is no such thing as a free lunch, but with Mullvad VPN, you can get free VPN service for three years or 70 euros or less if you purchase a yearly subscription.


A VPN is an online service that encrypts your data, makes you anonymous and allows you to bypass geo-restrictions. But are Mullvad VPN, Kepard VPN and all the other VPN’s worth their salt?

Mullvad VPN for example loads websites very fast. It has its own OpenVPN protocol which compresses data traffic and makes the most of available bandwidth. It uses 256-bit encryption so it’s a highly secure network. No other VPN offers such high privacy and freedom while being so fast.

But Mullvad may be expensive. If your budget is limited, you could opt for Kepard VPN, which is a cheap and easy to use solution. It’s also a great choice if you need fast and secure internet.

A great option that may suit you better is Ivacy. It offers a budget-friendly service with good customer care but only offers a client that connects you to one server. Additionally, it requires you to install its own software first in order to get an encrypted connection. On the positive side, Ivacy provides data loss protection so that even if you lose your device or it’s stolen, your connection won’t be at risk of being hacked.

VPN reviews

Mullvad VPN vs LimeVPN

There are many VPN providers out there. Many of these VPN services offer users the ability to choose from a variety of different VPN protocols and encryption options. However, few providers can say that they offer two different VPN protocols that allow for compatibility with being used on two completely different devices.

This means that mullvad vpn vs LimeVPN users can easily switch between a Mullvad VPN connection on their computer and a LimeVPN connection on their mobile device without having to do anything at all. mullvad vpn vs LimeVPN has been dedicated to providing users with the best possible VPN service for over two years now. We continue to innovate, and we are proud to have developed two new services that offer this level of flexibility and compatibility.

LimeVPN is a closed source, Linux-based VPN service that you can use on your computer. It’s relatively easy to set up, works well with open source programs, and is fast enough to stream video content without long load times. LimeVPN is also very optimized for computers so you don’t have to worry about it draining your device’s battery quickly.

On the other hand, Mullvad is an open source, Windows-based VPN service that you can use on your computer or mobile device. It’s very robust, highly optimized for computers, and offers both advanced encryption options and compatibility with various technologies across multiple platforms including iOS/Android devices. For $5 per month or less per year, you have full root access to Mullvad so you can create your own VPN configuration files in addition to gaining unlimited bandwidth and bandwidth-based restrictions such as IPv4 leaks protection. The only thing left to do is download it!

VPN reviews

Mullvad VPN vs Freedome VPN

Most of us want the benefits of a VPN without the upfront cost. Not only is Mullvad cheaper than all the other VPNs, but it also offers over 5,000 servers in over 50 countries. That’s more than any other VPN!

Mullvad VPN has made it easy for you to enjoy all the benefits of a VPN without worrying about having to pay anything upfront. The service is completely free for all users and they accept payments only with bitcoin. We are not aware of any other VPN that accepts cryptocurrencies as payment. Mullvad VPN also gives users full access to their private network through a Tor-based proxy service. This means that all your browsing activities are completely private.

Freedome VPN brings you more than just a VPN. Freedome also gives users a free email account, as well as free web space to store and share files with others in the community. This lets you share those files privately and securely with friends and family members while ensuring that no one can snoop on what you’re up to online. Also, Freedome offers users an encrypted instant messenger service, which makes sure that your communication is safe from prying eyes on the Internet at large. And if that’s not enough for you, Freedome even offers high-speed secure email, voice and video calls with no ads or interruptions!

VPN reviews

Mullvad VPN vs EtherealVPN vs CactusVPN

Lots of different VPNs are available out there. So, how do you know which one is the best VPN?

Mullvad VPN

Mullvad is a great VPN. This VPN is very secure and confidential. It uses many different underground techniques to ensure that your data remains secure and private. Its encryption and security is second to none. Its maximum speed is also impressive. Mullvad has servers all over the world, so you can access your data from anywhere with an Internet connection.


CryptoStor is a re-branded form of Mullvad VPN. You will find that many users are becoming fond of CryptoStor, especially because it’s similar to Mullvad in terms of its speed, privacy, and security.


The only problem with CactusVPN is that it can’t connect to its servers often enough. However, this problem can be fixed by installing the CactusVPN Premium Client and their server list will be updated more frequently to ensure that you have access to all of your data at all times.


EtherealVPN goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to protecting your data and keep you safe online. This VPN ensures that everything on your computer is encrypted before it leaves your device. All connections are also encrypted for extra security measures that keep your information from falling into the wrong hands. EtherealVPN also has a number of servers in multiple countries to ensure that you have access to any country’s resources at any time, even if your current location does not have an Internet connection or service available; thus making this VPN a great option for travelers who want to access information as they travel throughout the globe. EtherealVPN also offers live chat support for those who need more help configuring their system or setting up new accounts; however, there is a monthly subscription fee for this service that can be reduced by contacting

VPN reviews

Mullvad VPN vs TunnelBear vs UltraVPN

Mullvad VPN vs TunnelBear vs ExpressVPN vs UltraVPN

Mullvad VPN

Cost: $5/month for 5 devices with no bandwidth limits

Mullvad VPN

Mullvad is a relatively new VPN provider. Although the company has only been around for about three years, they specialize in providing servers in countries around the world that have loose Internet policies and weak digital rights protections. In fact, they are so confident about their ability to unblock content that they offer a special ‘No Logs’ guarantee.

They specialize in offering users access to premium content, including:

Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Videos;


BBC iPlayer;

and many other streaming services.

Their subscription packages start at $5/month, with a free seven-day trial available for those who want to try the service. A thirty-day money back guarantee is offered as well. Downloading the client and connecting to the server is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete. Once the connection is established, you can connect to Netflix or other streaming services as you normally would. There are no bandwidth limits, so you can stream at whatever speed your device can handle. You can also download and install their browser extensions for Chrome or Firefox, so you can always connect to their servers on demand. Of course, it will remove any tracking protection that might be in place, but Mullvad doesn’t track any sort of information regarding user behaviour either way. They do not take any kind of credit cards for payment either, although some people prefer using Bitcoin for payment instead. Keep in mind that this VPN does not have malicious elements installed at all, so they are unlikely to be involved with any sort of cybercrime or criminal activity whatsoever. They do not allow torrenting or P2P traffic use on the network, but you are welcome to join their network if you want to use one of their apps on your phone or tablet device instead. Mullvad is very pro-privacy and anti-censorship, ensuring that users have a choice for how they receive information online


Cost: $9.99 a month for 2 devices (1 simultaneous connection, 500 MB/month)

500 MB bandwidth per app, 500 MB total per month. Bandwidth is shared between all TunnelBear apps on the same device. Bandwidth applies to all non-TunnelBear apps as well. One free VPN account per year (the US only)

Web proxy – Unblock sites without changing your IP address or installing any software. Works as a free web proxy in addition to a premium VPN service. The web proxy will keep your IP address the same while allowing you to unblock websites blocked in your region. Web proxy software is usually supported with ads and sometimes placed behind an authentication system that can be used to block certain categories of content – such as adult content, or political criticism of the current Chinese government. However, we have found that most web proxies are easy to use and don’t present any privacy issues unless you plan on doing something illegal or inappropriate with your PC. We do not recommend using this method of bypassing censorship and there are many other methods available that do not involve installing additional software. The TunnelBear web proxy is one of these simple web proxies that provide a safe and anonymous environment to surf the web anonymously but does not allow for unblocking of blocked sites. Also, you must use these proxies in conjunction with other security tools (such as ad-blocking) to provide your PC with the maximum level of protection against spyware and malware. ExpressVPN

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Mullvad VPN vs NordVPN

Many people are understandably skeptical of the VPN industry. Unfortunately, there are plenty of scams and sketchy providers out there that are trying to take advantage of your privacy. Before you start using a VPN, you should do some research and get a feel for how they work and what the right one for you actually is.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the differences between some of the more popular VPNs out there. We’ll look at which one is right for your needs as well as how to go about selecting the right provider.

Mullvad VPN

Mullvad is a relatively new VPN that has rapidly gained popularity among users because of its excellent speed and security. As an unregistered provider, there are no contracts or subscription fees associated with Mullvad. This means that users can use the service indefinitely, without having to worry about expiring agreements or being charged extra fees after a certain period of time.

As with many other VPNs, Mullvad provides mostly unblocking capabilities, although it does offer a number of other features as well. In addition to mobile apps for PC and Mac, Mullvad also offers an iOS app as well as a browser extension available for Firefox and Chrome browsers. The Mullvad browser extension allows users to set up their VPN connection directly from within the web browser without needing to launch an external client application first. This feature makes it very easy for people who are already familiar with the process of setting up and using a VPN to use Mullvad seamlessly from their browser.


NordVPN is probably one of the best known top-notch providers out there in the world of VPNs – largely because it has been around since 2008, is registered in Panama and uses military-grade encryption standards for data transfer – which makes it well-suited to protect user’s privacy from internet surveillance by state actors and others who may wish to spy on user activity online.

VPN reviews

Mullvad VPN vs Netshade VPN

Here are a few comparisons between Mullvad VPN and Nightshade. note that there are several others, but these are the most common:

Mullvad VPN

Mullvad is a highly-advanced VPN service that is very secure and reliable. It does not limit how many devices you can connect. It has no ads and allows torrenting. It is very user-friendly, and it is affordable. It has a 30 day money back guarantee and a 7 day money back guarantee. The main disadvantage of this VPN is it doesn’t have a free trial. However, the customer service is very good, so there shouldn’t be any problems in using Mullvad VPN.


Netshade is also a very good VPN service. It has a 30 day money back guarantee, 3 simultaneous connections, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited data transfer. Just like Mullvad VPN, Netshade also has no ads and allows torrenting. However, it does not have a free trial for the first month of using the service. It also has a limited free version of the software which limits bandwidth to 500 MB per day.

VPN reviews

CyberGhost vs Mullvad VPN

Our staff has used Mullvad VPN for many years and have always found it to be the best VPN service available. Mullvad is based in Sweden, which does not keep logs, protects users from DDoS attacks, and provides a speedy connection.

Another good VPN service is NordVPN. This provider uses strong encryption algorithms and has servers all over the world to protect your data from government surveillance programs such as PRISM. If you’re looking for a completely different VPN experience, then ExpressVPN should be your next choice. ExpressVPN sets itself apart by offering one of the fastest connections on the market.

CyberGhost provides excellent encryption to keep you safe and secure online. It offers fast connections out of over 50 countries, so you never have to worry about connection speeds or server locations. Finally, you can’t go wrong with UltraVPN. UltraVPN is a trusted provider that utilizes military-grade encryption methods to keep your data safe.