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Mullvad VPN State-of-the-art VPN technology.

Stop the internet from leaking out of your device. With Mullvad VPN (Virtual Private Network) you can be sure nobody will be able to see what you get up to on the net where and when it suits you. Mullvad offers simple installation software for Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, iOS
Wherever you go with Mullvad VPN, your Internet connection is safe and secure. One tap connects you to over 20+ global server locations, giving you unparalleled freedom on the web. When you use Mullvad VPN it becomes impossible for any cybercriminal to monitor, track, or hack your internet activity.

Fighting for your right to privacy?

For strong digital privacy, you need to take a proactive approach. Mullvad VPN’s unique VPN intelligence engine stops tracking and enabling you to decide where your data goes and what it’s used for. With Mullvad VPN you decide who will see your online activity.

Discover a more secure and private Internet on all your devices. Mullvad VPN secures your online activities by encrypting all of your communications with AES-256 bit encryption. The mullvad app for iPhone and Android securely saves your account details and login credentials automatically, so it is easy to connect anytime, anywhere.
Internet surveillance is now an inescapable part of everyday life, but what’s less well-known is that it’s getting worse. Your personal data is becoming more and more vulnerable to exploitation and exposure. Mullvad VPN helps you to take control of your digital privacy by securing your Internet connection, so you can surf the web anonymously and privately.
If you’re looking for the best value for money when it comes to a VPN
State-of-the-art VPN technology. Crystal-Clear encryption. Unparalleled connectivity. Exceptional performance. Mullvad is a VPN service offered by Amagicom AB in Sweden, which sells VPN software to users worldwide for use on desktop computers and mobile devices. The company’s headquarters are located in Gothenburg, Sweden, where all of the development and operational work is done.
Say goodbye to the NSA and say hello to online freedom with Mullvad. Our service is fast, secure and anonymous. We believe that everyone has a right to online privacy. Our mission is to enable you to take back your digital life. By choosing Mullvad, you’re taking back your freedom.
We’re a team of 60-plus people from around the world, working hard to make digital privacy accessible to everyone. Our work is made easier thanks to our amazing community—people just like you—who are active, engaged and dedicated to restoring and advancing our rights online. We want to empower members of our community who can relay their experiences from around the globe, which is why we’re offering one lucky winner a 12-month Mullvad subscription! The deadline for submissions is
Eliminate censorship and surveillance, protect your data, and gain back your right to privacy. With Mullvad, you decide what you want to do online.
With Mullvad, you can encrypt your internet traffic and change your true IP-address. Protect yourself against mass surveillance, while you surf the web anonymously.
When it comes to your personal data, trust is the most important thing. That’s why we do things differently at Mullvad – we don’t store any logs with personal information. And we’re a pretty rad company with good customer service and a clear business model. Check out our website for more information.
Internet privacy is a human right.

VPN reviews

Does Mullvad VPN Keep Logs?

Does Mullvad Keep Logs?

The question is whether Mullvad keeps logs or not. The answer isn’t just yes or no, as it depends on what we mean by “logs”.

There are many possible definitions of the term “logs”, and I will list them in a logical manner:

First, there is an informal definition of logs that does not match any precise scientific definition but rather matches everyday usage. This definition would include all information about your internet activity that is recorded anywhere in any form whatsoever. Example: If you visit example-dot-com then some records might be created which contain data indicating this fact (along with other facts such as IP address). These records could either be deleted at some later point (perhaps 30 days from now) if they are deemed unnecessary for whatever reason, or perhaps kept indefinitely for statistical purposes (to analyze traffic patterns over time). A host company may also sell access to their storage space to 3rd parties – who can do anything they want with the data stored there. Thus these so called logs contain all information about a person’s internet activity except his/her actual location/identity – unless he reveals this info somewhere else online.
The next definition of logs is the most precise scientific one – it matches what a computer scientist or engineer would understand as “logs”: A certain type of data structure that contains records about events in chronological order, usually time-stamped. There are many different types of such things, but for our purposes we can ignore the differences between them and focus on a more philosophical question: What does it mean to keep something like this? Keeping logs requires creating them in the first place. Someone must enter information into these logs (for example using some sort of interface) which creates a record there. Even if they never look at these logs again after entering this information, someone still had to do all the work involved with creating them initially.
So, in this sense of the word “logs”, Mullvad probably does not keep logs (unless you count configuration files as well). If they do then it is only because someone else created them.

The next definition of logs is very closely related to the first one – it again refers to any information about your activity that is stored anywhere: This time however we are not considering traffic patterns over long periods of time but rather short-term behavior involving specific web sites or services. Example: You access a certain site and log into an account using your email address and password (without 2FA activated). Now when you visit another site which has a malicious script on it which sends data back to this second site, there will be a record indicating that you accessed both sites.
Mullvad probably does not keep such logs (even though it depends on how you interpret the word “keep”). If they do then again, this is only because someone else created them.

VPN reviews

mullvad vpn review

mulllvad is one of the more user-friendly VPNs available. The app will automatically install itself as long as it’s compatible with your device. Mullvad’s free trial includes one year of access to the company’s cloud-based VPN software. It’s free to sign up for an account and you can download the software to use.

Mullvad offers a range of payment options including PayPal, Bitcoin, and cards. Service works on Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Linux, and each app is almost identical. Performance is very good, with speeds of up to 270-310Mbps on ultra-fast US connections. It unblocked Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, but not all popular sites. It’s more focused on privacy than unblocking every website in the world, but this doesn’t stop it being very good at some sites. The service is free to use, and there are plans to add Bitcoin to your account. The company doesn’t require usernames or passwords, so you don’t need to worry about losing your password.

VPN company Mullvad lets you pay for an account through the mail. The company says it’s statistically very safe to not have a password. Mullvad even lets you send cash to pay for your account. It’s one of the best options for anonymity online.

The privacy policy for Mullvad is written in very simple words. Nearly all server logs are sent to dev > null, a nonexistent directory in Linux systems, and a popular way to avoid the saving of unwanted data. The no-logging policy applies to your IP address, the used VPN IP address, browsing operation, bandwidth, connections, length of session, timestamps, and requests for DNS.

Mullvad on Mac uses OpenVPN by default with the following settings. Mullvad allows up to five simultaneous connections per account. It logs the total number of current connections for a given server, the CPU load per core on each server, and the total bandwidth used per server. It would be nice to see the country list support ping times or report the load of each server.

Mullvad allows up to five connections per account at the same time. Logs the total number of current connections for the server, loading the CPU per core.

Mullvad ‘s VPN connections run in the location indicated on physical hardware. Mullvad was very fast on Windows but fell drastically after three days of checking speeds. If the pace is your highest priority, maybe commit to a single month to see how it works.

Mullvad offers connections in 38 countries with 315 servers that are all owned or rented by the company. The company charges €5 per month, which at this writing was about $5.55. Speeds are good for the most part, and privacy and anonymity are top-notch.

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BolehVPN began as a private project when our local ISP began blocking and throttling content. Since then, we have developed into one of the largest personal VPN providers in the South East Asian region. We have a strict no-logging policy, retain offshore jurisdiction, and have strong encryption options.

Most VPNs are going to hold some logs. BolehVPN is no different from that. Their homepage says “No Logs Policy” like most of the others. Their Terms of Service offers us another glance, however. The trick is to pull the curtain back and figure out which ones they ‘re keeping.

BolehVPN is based in Seychelles and is based on the OpenVPN safety protocol. It provides unrestricted bandwidth and no limits on the server you are connecting to. Its subscription rates are relatively rational because they allow for two simultaneous connections per account.

BolehVPN is based in Malaysia but is under the jurisdiction of the Seychelles. Their Terms of Service suggest that they have “offshore authority” and that their service is regulated by the law of Seycheles. It does not appear that they have any direct physical presence in the Seycheles, but it is possible that they will use some offshore incorporation for tax and regulatory advantages, and also as a selling point for privacy.

BolehVPN is a reliable VPN service that is easy to use on any platform. It’s easy to download and update, and you don’t need any modifications until you use it. No live chat options, so you’ll need to contact them via email or ticket support. If you are interested in streaming, Boleh VPN has dedicated servers for Netflix or Hulu.

You can have up to two simultaneous connections on a single IP address. Tor users will appreciate the support for VPN through Tor, offering increased anonymity. Boleh VPN has servers in 13 countries all over the globe, including the U.S, U.K, and Switzerland.

A one-day free trial is available to check BolehVPN ‘s service. No refunds or money back guarantee for your service. Uses OpenVPN to protect your privacy. Accepts Bitcoin and Dash mobile payments in addition to daily credit and debit card payments. Can conduct a traffic analysis or disable a P2P restriction when the program is downloaded and installed. Effective customer support and customized customer service. Not approved for prepaid cards with certain country limitations.

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PrivateVPN a review

PrivateVPN is a fairly small Swedish VPN provider that entered the market in 2009 and currently only has 80s servers in operation According to the company’s own statement, they provide the best VPN service for security, privacy and streaming With the help of this service, you can stream in HD resolution and use the VPN service on up to six connections simultaneously, thanks to the exceptionally high connection speed What mainly distinguishes PrivateVPN from many similar services on the market is that it has been highly-priced for its ability to make Netflix available in places where the streaming service is blocked Although PrivateVPN only has about 80 servers, the servers are located in more than 50 different countries, including the USA, which makes it possible for us Swedes to access the entire Netflix range of series and movies (and not just those available in the Swedish version of this service)

Compared to other services, PrivateVPN is somewhere in the middle or even a little lower in terms of price Prices also include using up to six devices simultaneously, while some other vendors allow you to use their VPN solution on only five or fewer devices without having to pay extra charges

Customer service PrivateVPN promises support via chat around the clock In addition to the chat function; you can also have your problems remedied via remote control Above all, this is an excellent option for some protocols that need to be installed in a more advanced way; unfortunately, there is no way to contact the company by phone, but on the other hand, it is probably still not the contact route that the company’s customers would primarily choose Review Despite being a smaller network, PrivateVPN has a lot to offer The service covers many operating systems and protocols, so you should have no problem finding what you are looking for in this service The service offers a reliable connection and has an ability to make sites such as Netflix available, which makes this VPN service an excellent alternative for streaming movies and series

Customer Service PrivateVPN promises support via 24/7 chat In addition to the chat function, you can also solve your problems via the remote control Above all, this is an excellent option for some protocols that need to be installed more advanced Unfortunately, there is no way to contact the company by phone, but on the other hand, this is probably still not the way of contact that the company’s customers would choose primarily Review Although it is a small network, PrivateVPN has a lot to offer The service covers many operating systems and protocols, so you should have no problem finding what you are looking for in this service The service offers a reliable connection and has the ability to make available sites such as Netflix, making this VPN service an excellent alternative for broadcasting movies and series

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ExpressVPN a review

ExpressVPN, which we have named the best VPN service for spain in our test, ends up at the top The reason for this is briefly summarized that this is a service that offers stable servers almost all over the world, including spain The servers are fast, secure, stable and the user-friendliness is high The high level of encryption and the excellent level of privacy make users here feel very secure ExpressVPN offers a degree of encryption that is on a par with the US military; 265-bit AES encryption

This makes you feel very safe with ExpressVPN Admittedly, ExpressVPN does not stand out much here because many other VPN services also offer similar security levels For example, if you want to use a VPN to watch Netflix in the US, ExpressVPN is one of the few services that is guaranteed to always have a sufficient number of IPs addresses to bypass the blockchain created by Netflix In addition, the speed is so good that the streaming experience is at least as good as on your own home network The speed on ExpressVPN’s servers is the best of all VPN services we have tested This applies not only to the speed itself but also how long it takes to connect to each server It’s extremely fast The connection to ExpressVPN is also one of the most stable in our tests because we have never experienced that the connection has been unstable, which is the case with many other VPN services It is also worth pointing out that ExpressVPN is available on all devices, as not all VPN services meet this requirement For example, you can use ExpressVPN on PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, tablets and various game consoles It is convenient to have such a universal VPN service available Both user-friendliness and customer service get good results here For example, ExpressVPN gives you a speedometer so you can see how good your connection is You always get suggestions for faster IP addresses if they are available, so you get an experience without compromise Customer service is available 24 hours a day if you have any questions Since ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, you do not have to worry about following European or US jurisdictions and giving away your sensitive information In fact, some services in the EU and US log your data and give it away The only downside that can be found with ExpressVPN is that their price is slightly higher than average Still, the price is so slightly above average that it makes no major difference, and you get much better quality for the money ExpressVPN also offers a 30-day money back guarantee