VPN reviews

never buy a NordVPN account

If you are still wondering why Mullvad VPN is the best VPN service for torrent downloading, you can read this article to know more about Mullvad VPN. However, there are several reasons why I feel that you should never buy a NordVPN account and instead buy Mullvad VPN from mullvad. Here are the top 10 reasons:


1. Mullvad is Cheaper
2. Mullvad has Decent speeds
4. Finally Mullvad works with Netflix
5. iOS version of the app is good
6. Linux support for mullvad
7. Very easy installation
8. No data retention policy by the provider (zero logs) they respect your privacy
9. No IP logs and IP obfuscation as default
10. Open source software Movement



1. Security: Mullvad uses 4096 bit RSA keys and AES-256 encryption.
3. Privacy: The service is located in a legal jurisdiction outside of 14 eyes, so they will never be forced to keep logs or hand out user data
4. Avoid ISP Throttling
5. Anti-Spam/Email Spoofing: anti-spam protection built into the client, plus you can set up a server whitelist and blacklists for realtime connections