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When it comes to security and privacy, just Mullvad VPN

Which VPN is better? When it comes to security and privacy, there are few companies that can hold a candle to Mullvad.


The VPN industry is a large and competitive market. While we don’t subscribe to the notion that bigger is better, there’s no doubt that larger VPN providers have a number of benefits that smaller providers don’t. One of the most significant of these is resources. Many VPN providers have a larger team and more financial resources than smaller providers. This can mean they have access to servers in more countries, they can afford to pay for more servers, pay for more bandwidth, and so on.

This is true even if the larger provider offers less overall value than the smaller provider. It’s not uncommon for the best VPN provider to be the smallest one. This is because these providers have to work harder to gain and maintain their reputation. But with this market being so big, there are still many providers with large teams and generous budgets who don’t offer a good product.

Everyone knows that a decent VPN can help protect your privacy, but there are other unique benefits of using a VPN—like protecting your laptop from theft when you’re travelling and telling cable companies to take their hundred dollar bills and shove them. Oh, yeah, and it’s kind of fun to watch people freak out if you send out a tweet like this:

One thing that’s great about being at the forefront of privacy technology is we get to have fun doing things other VPNs wouldn’t dare try. We don’t just want to be the best VPN in the world—we want to change the way people think about online privacy (and bring back free speech). To do that, we need to stir up some controversy every now and then. So without further ado, let’s take a look at our competitors and see how they measure up.