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Mullvad VPN vs TunnelBear vs UltraVPN

Mullvad VPN vs TunnelBear vs ExpressVPN vs UltraVPN

Mullvad VPN

Cost: $5/month for 5 devices with no bandwidth limits

Mullvad VPN

Mullvad is a relatively new VPN provider. Although the company has only been around for about three years, they specialize in providing servers in countries around the world that have loose Internet policies and weak digital rights protections. In fact, they are so confident about their ability to unblock content that they offer a special ‘No Logs’ guarantee.

They specialize in offering users access to premium content, including:

Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Videos;


BBC iPlayer;

and many other streaming services.

Their subscription packages start at $5/month, with a free seven-day trial available for those who want to try the service. A thirty-day money back guarantee is offered as well. Downloading the client and connecting to the server is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete. Once the connection is established, you can connect to Netflix or other streaming services as you normally would. There are no bandwidth limits, so you can stream at whatever speed your device can handle. You can also download and install their browser extensions for Chrome or Firefox, so you can always connect to their servers on demand. Of course, it will remove any tracking protection that might be in place, but Mullvad doesn’t track any sort of information regarding user behaviour either way. They do not take any kind of credit cards for payment either, although some people prefer using Bitcoin for payment instead. Keep in mind that this VPN does not have malicious elements installed at all, so they are unlikely to be involved with any sort of cybercrime or criminal activity whatsoever. They do not allow torrenting or P2P traffic use on the network, but you are welcome to join their network if you want to use one of their apps on your phone or tablet device instead. Mullvad is very pro-privacy and anti-censorship, ensuring that users have a choice for how they receive information online


Cost: $9.99 a month for 2 devices (1 simultaneous connection, 500 MB/month)

500 MB bandwidth per app, 500 MB total per month. Bandwidth is shared between all TunnelBear apps on the same device. Bandwidth applies to all non-TunnelBear apps as well. One free VPN account per year (the US only)

Web proxy – Unblock sites without changing your IP address or installing any software. Works as a free web proxy in addition to a premium VPN service. The web proxy will keep your IP address the same while allowing you to unblock websites blocked in your region. Web proxy software is usually supported with ads and sometimes placed behind an authentication system that can be used to block certain categories of content – such as adult content, or political criticism of the current Chinese government. However, we have found that most web proxies are easy to use and don’t present any privacy issues unless you plan on doing something illegal or inappropriate with your PC. We do not recommend using this method of bypassing censorship and there are many other methods available that do not involve installing additional software. The TunnelBear web proxy is one of these simple web proxies that provide a safe and anonymous environment to surf the web anonymously but does not allow for unblocking of blocked sites. Also, you must use these proxies in conjunction with other security tools (such as ad-blocking) to provide your PC with the maximum level of protection against spyware and malware. ExpressVPN