VPN reviews

Are you looking to protect your privacy from your ISP and government agencies?

Are you looking to protect your privacy from your ISP and government agencies?

If so, it’s important that you choose a VPN provider that protects your identity as well as keeps you secure.

It’s impossible to strike a balance between privacy and security with a single VPN provider, but IncognitoVPN and Mullvad are two top VPN providers with thousands of satisfied users. Our top rated VPN comparison tool has determined that both of these companies have the following features in common:

Both use IP addresses, which are easy for governments and ISPs to monitor. Both Mullvad and IncognitoVPN keep no logs, which preserve user privacy. Both have strong encryption levels, which prevent governments from tracking VPN traffic.

The comparison tool also found that Mullvad has better servers than IncognitoVPN, which ranked it number one in terms of speed among all VPNs in the comparison.



Before you decide which VPN service you want to use, it’s critical to understand what makes a VPN service a good fit for you.

Mullvad VPN

Mullvad is the only service that puts zero restrictions on your internet connection. This means that you can connect to any website you want. Mullvad IP addresses are not logged and there are no speed restrictions imposed on Mullvad users.

With this freedom comes responsibility. Make sure that you are using Mullvad VPN correctly. Here are some tips:

Never install Mullvad VPN on computers, phones, or game consoles connected to the internet. This will only degrade your connection speed even more than it already is.

Never use Mullvad VPN when you’re using public wifi connections like airports, hotels, or cafes. Doing so will slow down your connection and make it more vulnerable to hackers who may be able to intercept your connection in transit.