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Mullvad VPN vs IPredator

Mullvad VPN vs IPredator

When choosing a VPN service it is important to look at the features of both of your options. While they may seem very similar on the surface, once you dig deeper you will find that they are not exactly the same. They both offer a secure and private way to browse the internet but are also very different in their pricing and features. To make things even more confusing, Mullvad VPN is now offering access to IPredator.

So which VPN should you choose? Both of these services have their pros and cons that will depend on what you need from a VPN service. Here we will break down some of the most important differences between each service so you can see which one fits your needs best!

Hosting Location: Mullvad VPN has servers located all over the world while IPredator is based in Sweden. This allows them to provide faster speeds and a much more reliable connection than many other VPN providers. However, Mullvad is based overseas which could lead to some legal restrictions if you end up being monitored by a government agency. In addition, since Mullvad has a smaller network size it generally means less server locations that are available for use and it may take time for servers to become available in certain areas if the network was experiencing high usage during peak time periods. IPredator’s hosting location allows them to offer more servers than many other providers, but like Mullvad this can lead to server availability issues when there are high amounts of people connected at once due to its small network size. Pricing: Both of these services have similar pricing plans with monthly fees being around $5 USD. They both offer payment through prepaid cards and Bitcoin, but Mullvad offers double the amount of money back for unused funds for every month of service compared to IPredator. In addition, IPredator offers free 7 day trials while Mullvad only offers a free one day trial but still charge.


A VPN provider is a thin layer of hardware or software between your Internet service provider and the internet that connects to VPN servers. A VPN is a great way to access the internet securely, but it also has its disadvantages.

Mullvad VPN

Mullvad VPN is a top-rated provider of reliable service. While it’s service isn’t as widely used as some of the other providers, Mullvad VPN is known for its ability to work well for the people who use it.

IPredator Review

IPredator is a VPN that connects to a network of servers. These servers use the OpenVPN encryption protocol, which is known for its strong security. The benefit of this type of connection is that you can connect to multiple IPredator servers at once. This means more protection against malicious code. Because IPredator uses extremely secure encryption, this method offers a very strong level of protection against hacking attempts. Although IPredator is known for its outstanding security and reliability, it’s not quite as well-known as other providers like Mullvad VPN or ExpressVPN.