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mullvad vpn review

mulllvad is one of the more user-friendly VPNs available. The app will automatically install itself as long as it’s compatible with your device. Mullvad’s free trial includes one year of access to the company’s cloud-based VPN software. It’s free to sign up for an account and you can download the software to use.

Mullvad offers a range of payment options including PayPal, Bitcoin, and cards. Service works on Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Linux, and each app is almost identical. Performance is very good, with speeds of up to 270-310Mbps on ultra-fast US connections. It unblocked Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, but not all popular sites. It’s more focused on privacy than unblocking every website in the world, but this doesn’t stop it being very good at some sites. The service is free to use, and there are plans to add Bitcoin to your account. The company doesn’t require usernames or passwords, so you don’t need to worry about losing your password.

VPN company Mullvad lets you pay for an account through the mail. The company says it’s statistically very safe to not have a password. Mullvad even lets you send cash to pay for your account. It’s one of the best options for anonymity online.

The privacy policy for Mullvad is written in very simple words. Nearly all server logs are sent to dev > null, a nonexistent directory in Linux systems, and a popular way to avoid the saving of unwanted data. The no-logging policy applies to your IP address, the used VPN IP address, browsing operation, bandwidth, connections, length of session, timestamps, and requests for DNS.

Mullvad on Mac uses OpenVPN by default with the following settings. Mullvad allows up to five simultaneous connections per account. It logs the total number of current connections for a given server, the CPU load per core on each server, and the total bandwidth used per server. It would be nice to see the country list support ping times or report the load of each server.

Mullvad allows up to five connections per account at the same time. Logs the total number of current connections for the server, loading the CPU per core.

Mullvad ‘s VPN connections run in the location indicated on physical hardware. Mullvad was very fast on Windows but fell drastically after three days of checking speeds. If the pace is your highest priority, maybe commit to a single month to see how it works.

Mullvad offers connections in 38 countries with 315 servers that are all owned or rented by the company. The company charges €5 per month, which at this writing was about $5.55. Speeds are good for the most part, and privacy and anonymity are top-notch.