VPN reviews


BolehVPN began as a private project when our local ISP began blocking and throttling content. Since then, we have developed into one of the largest personal VPN providers in the South East Asian region. We have a strict no-logging policy, retain offshore jurisdiction, and have strong encryption options.

Most VPNs are going to hold some logs. BolehVPN is no different from that. Their homepage says “No Logs Policy” like most of the others. Their Terms of Service offers us another glance, however. The trick is to pull the curtain back and figure out which ones they ‘re keeping.

BolehVPN is based in Seychelles and is based on the OpenVPN safety protocol. It provides unrestricted bandwidth and no limits on the server you are connecting to. Its subscription rates are relatively rational because they allow for two simultaneous connections per account.

BolehVPN is based in Malaysia but is under the jurisdiction of the Seychelles. Their Terms of Service suggest that they have “offshore authority” and that their service is regulated by the law of Seycheles. It does not appear that they have any direct physical presence in the Seycheles, but it is possible that they will use some offshore incorporation for tax and regulatory advantages, and also as a selling point for privacy.

BolehVPN is a reliable VPN service that is easy to use on any platform. It’s easy to download and update, and you don’t need any modifications until you use it. No live chat options, so you’ll need to contact them via email or ticket support. If you are interested in streaming, Boleh VPN has dedicated servers for Netflix or Hulu.

You can have up to two simultaneous connections on a single IP address. Tor users will appreciate the support for VPN through Tor, offering increased anonymity. Boleh VPN has servers in 13 countries all over the globe, including the U.S, U.K, and Switzerland.

A one-day free trial is available to check BolehVPN ‘s service. No refunds or money back guarantee for your service. Uses OpenVPN to protect your privacy. Accepts Bitcoin and Dash mobile payments in addition to daily credit and debit card payments. Can conduct a traffic analysis or disable a P2P restriction when the program is downloaded and installed. Effective customer support and customized customer service. Not approved for prepaid cards with certain country limitations.